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By Northern Westchester Prosthodontics
January 29, 2019
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Find out how a dental crown can preserve and protect a weak or broken tooth.

While tooth enamel is incredibly strong, issues can still happen that can affect the strength and integrity of a tooth. Of course, the goal of our Katonah, NY, dentist Dr. Terry Lin is to preserve the natural tooth structure whenever possible. If you are dealing with a weak, damaged or decaying tooth, find out how a dental crown could help your smile.

People can usually benefit from getting a dental crown in Katonah, NY, if,

  • A tooth is cracked
  • A tooth is fractured or broken
  • A filling is not able to support a decayed tooth
  • A tooth is severely discolored or misshapen (to improve its appearance)
  • A tooth has to undergo root canal treatment

A crown is designed to look just like a real tooth. It’s hollow, which allows it to fit completely over the visible portion of the tooth. A crown protects the tooth while making it safer to bite and chew without worrying that the weakened tooth will sustain further damage. To put it simply, a crown is like a suit of armor for a damaged tooth.

What should I expect when getting my crown?

In most cases, you’ll get your new crown is about two visits. During the first visit, we will treat any decay or infection that may be present. From there, we will prep the tooth by preparing it to make room for the crown. Then we will take molds of your mouth so that a lab tech can create your perfectly fitted crown. A temporary crown will be placed over the tooth in the interim to protect it.

Once the crown has been created, you will come back into our office so that we can check the look and fit of your crown. If everything looks good then we will cement the crown permanently to the tooth.

How long do crowns last?

Crowns have the ability to last up to 15 years or more; however, a lot will depend on how well you care for your smile. Maintaining good oral hygiene is paramount if you want your crown to last. Make sure you are also coming in twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings. During these checkups, we can inspect the crown to make sure that it’s still intact.

If you are interested in getting dental crowns, implants or other dental restorations then it’s time to call Northern Westchester Prosthodontics in Katonah, NY, to find out how we can help restore your smile. Call us today at (914) 232-8190.