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By Northern Westchester Prosthodontics
July 10, 2018
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Dental CrownsDental crowns deliver multiple benefits. Whether you have damaged teeth that need to be restored or teeth with cosmetic concerns you would like to conceal, dental crowns can help. Dental crowns strengthen, protect, and restore damaged teeth. They also give cosmetically flawed teeth a beautiful new look. At Northern Westchester Prosthodontics, Dr. Terry Lin is your prosthodontist for dental crowns in Katonah, NY.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns serve as protective caps for damaged teeth. They also provide a flawless outer shell for teeth with cosmetic imperfections. Dental crowns are placed over the tops of problem teeth and completely encapsulate those teeth once in place. For damaged teeth, dental crowns give teeth a strong and durable outer exterior. The crowns protect teeth from sustaining additional damage, while also restoring the ability to bite and chew again without pain or discomfort.

In addition to protecting, strengthening, and restoring damaged teeth, dental crowns can be used to dramatically improve the appearance of teeth with certain cosmetic concerns. Teeth with stains, discolorations, chips, or cracks can all be given a completely new, flawless look with dental crowns. Teeth that are oddly shaped can also be transformed with dental crowns. Whether dental crowns are being placed over damaged or cosmetically imperfect teeth, they look and function like natural teeth so no one will know they are actually crowns.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

There is a range of restorative and cosmetic benefits to choosing dental crowns. As previously discussed, dental crowns restore, strengthen, and protect teeth that have been damaged by infection or decay. By restoring normal functioning in weak or damaged teeth, crowns also alleviate the strain on surrounding teeth that were previously compensating for the damaged teeth. When you are unable to bite or chew with a tooth due to damage, pain, or sensitivity, the surrounding teeth take on extra work, which leads to excess wear and tear in those teeth.

Dental crowns also offer a variety of cosmetic benefits. They can be used to conceal such imperfections as stains, discolorations, chips, cracks, and small gaps between teeth. Crowns can also give oddly shaped teeth a new look. Finally, crowns are cemented in place so there is no worry of them coming loose, slipping out of place, or falling off. Your dentist or prosthodontist for dental crowns in Katonah can help you decide if crowns are the right option for you.

There are numerous benefits to choosing dental crowns to either restore damaged teeth or improve the appearance of teeth with cosmetic concerns. For dental crowns in Katonah, NY, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lin by calling Northern Westchester Prosthodontics at (914) 232-8190.