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Porcelain/Metal-Free Restoration

As a cosmetic dental procedure, porcelain (ceramic, metal free) restoration provides a natural looking solution. It is biocompatible/biomimetic dental material that is utilized extensively in advanced restorative dentistry to replace or restore teeth. Also, its excellent esthetic and functional results can be achieved without compromising much of remaining healthy tooth structure.

The following dental concerns can be addressed with porcelain restorations.

  • Wear and Tear: Teeth naturally wear down as people age. Older teeth are more likely to have cracks, chips, or an uneven appearance.
  • Worn Enamel: The thin, hard white substance covering your teeth (enamel) may become worn, dulled, and discolored over time.
  • Uneven Teeth: Uneven length or width of teeth can be result of teeth grinding or general wear.
  • Genetics: Certain people may be born with the abnormal appearance of teeth or spacing between the teeth that grows wider as they age.

1. Onlay/Inlay (Partial crown)

Treatment 1A

Treatment 1B

2. Full Crown

Treatment 2A

Treatment 2B

3. Veneer

Treatment 3A

Treatment 3B

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